Exercise for neck pain

If you're often feeling stiffness or discomfort in the neck - there's a few things that can help. You might be surprised to know that stretching isn't one of them.


Stretching and releasing feels great and can provide some short-term relief but it doesn't translate to long term improvement. So what does work? Strengthening your neck and shoulders is a great place to start.  Try this exercise...

You'll need a resistance band, which you can pick up  at a sports store or a variety store like Kmart. 

Stand on one end of a resistance band and hold the other end with your hand.  Lift the band to shoulder height, and return to the start position - that's one repetition. 


Make it harder by shortening the band length (i.e hold it closer to the middle), or holding at the top of the movement for 5-10 seconds. Make it easier by not lifting your arm as high.

Aim for 10 repetitions for three sets. Do this at least three times a week. Start at a load that is managable (but not too easy) and progress from there.