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Banish back pain

Stop guessing, and get the answers to...

What causes back pain?

What can I do to improve back pain?

What are the best exercises to help my back pain?

If this sounds familiar...

You want to exercise more, and keep active... but aches, pains and niggles make it hard.

And while you can put off exercise because of pain, there's also a bunch of other stuff that hurts, which you can't stop (I'm looking at you housework).

You're pretty sure your weak core and bad posture is to blame.... but you're not really sure how to fix that, or what's actually safe or okay to do with a sore back. The last thing you want is more pain or potential damage.


You've maybe even been told something about disc or degeneration... which really just makes things seem more hopeless and 'unfixable'

You've googled and tried a lot of stuff... But none of it has really made a lasting difference. 

.... this course is designed just for you


Meet your Clinical Pilates Instructor
Nerida Robertson,

Nerida has a Diploma of Clinical Pilates and has been helping people with persistent pain for over six years. 

She'll teach you to movement, and specifically getting stronger, will make a very real difference to your experience with back pain (and help you get back to doing things you love)

"Nerida is an excellent Pilates instructor. She helped me get stronger fast. She took care to listen and understand my injuries, aches and pains. She is kind and knowledgeable and cares about helping you to reach your goals"


Here's how it works

Work 1:1 on your personal goals & program

We'll kick the program off with a deep-dive 1:1 to figure out what are the contributing factors to your pain, and the program outcomes which are most important to you (and how to get you there). 

We'll check in regularly to adjust and progress your program along the way to keep you on track to your goals.

Access to home workouts & exercise demonstrations

As well as video demonstrations for all your home exercises, you'll get access to home workouts focused on total body, core and posture strengthening.

Workouts are 5-10 minutes long, with minimal equipment needed and include beginner to intermediate modifcations.

Get the answers on what actually keeps you in pain

The overload (and overwhelm) of back pain info & remedies out there is... quite frankly, A LOT. And sadly, not all of it correct or supported by evidence.

You'll learn what really helps, what hinders, and what really doesn't matter (at all), when it comes to changing your back pain.

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this is totally for you if you...

  • Have regular, not necessarily daily, back pain

  • Feel anxious about making your pain worse 

  • Have been told to stop or avoid doing something to avoid making it worse

  • Have been told you have some kind of damage, wear or degeneration... or bad posture & a weak core causing your pain

  • Find it hard to avoid the thing that cause pain, such as picking up your children or sitting at a desk for extended periods

  • Are open to changing your opinion on what's really causing pain

  • Can commit to 15-minutes of exercise most days


Test drive Banish Back Pain, 100% risk-free.


If you're not satisfied with the program content, write to me within 14 days, and I'll happily refund your investment.


You've got literally nothing to lose! Expect back pain

Join now!

x 3 monthly payments of $200


What's included:

4 x 1:1 zoom sessions

12-weeks of personalised home-programming

Access to exercise demonstration library

12 x weekly online Pilates workout

Core strengthening & posture workouts

Weekly check-ins & ongoing support

...or jump on the waitlist to get access to a pre-launch discount before doors open