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The formula for simple home-based workouts that will get you stronger and fitter - in 15 minutes per day

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strengthen your whole body

ditch the diet & restrictive eating

workouts you can do in just five minutes

"Nerida is an excellent Pilates instructor.

She helped me get stronger fast. She took care to listen and understand my injuries, aches and pains. She is kind and knowledgeable and cares about helping you to reach your goals."

You know you should be exercising more...

But there's always something that needs doing first. And when you do have a moment of down-time? Exercise is the very last thing you feel like doing.

With 15-minutes to FIT you can tick that exercise box

every day in 15-minutes (or less).

Say goodbye to...

promising yourself you'll start over again every other week

 feeling frustrating & defeated by not having time for your health & fitness

constantly dieting but not making progress... or maybe even going backwards 😢

 the serious overwhelm of all conflicting information on diet and exercise

Instead, you'll...

get a program that is crazy simple to squeeze into any busy day 

 spend just 5 to 15-minutes a day on exercises that will get you stronger, faster

 get a simple formula to make any meal fitness friendly... while keeping room for your fav foods 🍪

 finally get your head around how actually simple fitness & nutrition is



Learn the secret to a stronger & healthy you... through tiny workouts, that work really hard for you.

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This is your sign to swap the burnout, of short-lived 'life overhauls'... for small, sustainable steps that will get you fitter, stronger, healthier and lead to long-term change THAT LASTS!!


1: two weekly workouts

Every week, for 12-weeks, you'll get two new Pilates workouts.

They are FIVE minutes long each! Yep... that's it. Because some days, that's all you have time for... and that's okay. 

You'll have a goal to do each workout x times per week... and whether you do that across one day, or seven - is completely up to you.

The goal being to step away from that feeling of 'I can't find 30-mins in my day, so I can't exercise'.

2: strength training

Let's simplify the heck out of strength training. 

You CAN make teeny-tiny bursts of exercise really work for you... and by teeny, I mean 5-minutes (or less)... IF you know how to do them right. 

You'll learn why strength training is your best friend in getting to just about any fitness goals... and how to create your own tiny workout that pack maximum punch... that you can keep using, and adapting, basically forever

3: create consistency & habits that last

If you've beaten yourself up over lack of willpower before... then you need to know it's not your fault!

Learn how scaling back and starting small actually sets you up for greater success.... and makes this 'getting fit' thing way less stressful and overwhelming.

Create habits that not only transform your fitness... but will help you improve sleep, reduce stress, and reduce pain.


Test drive 15-Minutes to Fit, 100% risk free.


Give the lessons a go. Implement the education. Do the work. If, for any reason, you're not satisfied, write to me within 7 days, and I'll happily refund your investment.


You've got literally nothing to lose!

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  • Struggle with finding time and motivation for fitness

  • Stop and start exercise programs, but can't stick with it

  • Feel frustrated by a lack of motivation

  • Have tried online programs before but found them too time-consuming and overwhelming 

  • Are regularly dieting, or restricting calories, off and on, in an effort to shift weight, but not seeing the results

  • Want to feel stronger, but don't know where to start