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beginner-friendly, total-body workouts

no gym, or fancy equipment needed

workouts you'll finish in 5 to 15-minutes

Home-based, total body workouts that you can actually find time for. 

Get stronger & fitter, in just 15-minutes a day

"She helped me get stronger fast"

"Nerida is an excellent Pilates instructor.

She helped me get stronger fast. She took care to listen and understand my injuries, aches and pains. She is kind and knowledgeable and cares about helping you to reach your goals."

You know you should be exercising more...

But there's always something that needs doing first, (usually for someone else). And when you do have a moment of down-time? Exercise is the very last thing you feel like doing.

How good would it feel to not be constantly telling yourself "I need to do some exercise"... then feeling rubbish when you don't?!

15-minutes to FIT makes finding time for (and actually doing a workout), a more effortless part of your daily routine... with (really) short workouts you can do at home... without fancy equipment, or a dedicated gym wardrobe.

Say goodbye to...

promising yourself every week that next week is when you'll finally start

 feeling defeated that you can't seem to stick with a program or make exercise a habit 

✘ constant dieting that doesn't seem to get you anywhere 😢

watching other mums (just as busy as you)... nail their fitness and motivation, while it still seems out of reach for you

Instead, you'll...

get a workout plan that is really (really) easy to fit into any day - no matter how busy

 learn to build consistency through habits, instead of relying on motivation (which is always short-lived)

 tons of recipes and easy plans that will get you to your goals... without giving up the things you love 🍪

 embrace 'every little bit adds up', to watch your health and fitness transform



Learn the secret to creating consistency and getting stronger & fitter... through tiny workouts, that work really hard for you.

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What's included...

24 x FIVE-minute workouts

✓ 2 new workouts every week, for 12-weeks 

✓ designed around key movements that will work your whole body

✓ follow-along videos, and a printable weekly workout plan

✓ beginner-friendly variations of every single exercise

Valued at $120


Private Facebook Group access... where you can ask:

Am I doing this exercise right?

This exercise hurts my knees, what should I do?

What should I be eating?

... in other words, ask as many questions and get as much support as you need to make this work for you

Valued at $150


Eat more to reach your goals! Recipes and nutrition strategies


✓ access to over 60 balanced, healthy recipes, including desserts

✓ my go-to shopping list for high-protein, high fibre foods I always have on hand

✓ learn why dieting is probably holding you back... and why eating more can actually help

Valued at $75

Hi, I'm Nerida.

I've been teaching Pilates for six years. I hold a Certificate IV in Pilates, and a Diploma of Clinical Pilates. 

I'm really passionate about helping women get stronger - whether to improve long-term pain, get back to doing things you love, (or keeping doing the things we love as we get older), or just to improve overall fitness.

Given the opportunity, I'll talk your ear off about why you should be strength training regularly, and how easy it is to actually do. 

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Test drive 15-Minutes to Fit, 100% risk free.


Try your first two week of workouts totally risk-free. If, for any reason, you're not satisfied, write to me within 7 days, and I'll happily refund your investment.


You've got literally nothing to lose!

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  • Struggle with finding time and motivation for fitness

  • Stop and start workout programs, but can't stick with them

  • Feel frustrated by a lack of motivation

  • Have tried online programs before but found them too time-consuming and overwhelming 

  • Are regularly dieting, or restricting calories, in an effort to shift weight, but not seeing the results

  • Want to feel stronger, but don't know where to start